Connecticut Senate nominee Linda McMahon's "GOP/WWE roid rage attacks" need to be stopped, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) said Wednesday.

Kerry took a shot at McMahon's past as CEO of the wrestling outfit a day after she won her primary contest over challengers Rob Simmons and Peter Schiff.

He wrote on Twitter:

And a big night for AG Blumenthal, we need to have his back vs. $50 million in GOP/WWE roid rage attacks thru November.

The Massachusetts senator referred to McMahon's claim that she may spend $50 million of her own money to win the contest over state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, the Democratic nominee. 

Democrats have seized on McMahon's career as a wrestling executive, accusing her of peddling inappropriate content to young people and letting steroid use run rampant among WWE wrestlers.

McMahon has pushed back against attacks on her past as WWE CEO, saying that candidates in the race should focus on the issues. Plus, she says, they are ineffective.

"My ratings keep going up, I won the convention and I won the primary last night," she said Wednesday morning on Fox News. 

McMahon has alluded to her past career in her campaign ads, saying she is a proven businesswoman who created jobs in Connecticut.