California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev have been communicating on Twitter to mark Schwarzenegger's visit to Moscow this week. 

"Just landed in Moscow. Beautiful day. Can't wait to see Pres Medvedev," Schwarzenegger tweeted at Medvedev on Sunday.

"@Schwarzenegger, welcome to Moscow," Medvedev replied. "Looking forward to meeting you and your delegation at @skolkovo."

The governor, an avid Twitter user, has also been using his feed to document each step of his visit since arriving in Russia on Sunday. 

He is leading the delegation of Silicon Valley leaders — including representatives from Google, Oracle, and Microsoft — with the goal of helping them establish connections with Russian tech companies.

"The Russian people are extraordinary, and it comes to ingenuity and technology and sciences," Schwarzenegger said on Monday. "So with those minds and our minds put together, one and one becomes three, magical things. California is a state that has a lot to offer."

Medvedev visited Northern California in June with a similar goal, meeting with executives at Google, Twitter and Cisco Systems. He created his two Twitter accounts, @KremlinRussia_E and @KremlinRussia, from the company's corporate headquarters. 

So far, Schwarzenegger has met with California marines at the U.S. Embassy, made a speech at the ambassador's house, used the city's public transportation system, held a discussion with American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, visited the Moscow School of Management and participated in a technology roundtable with Medvedev and business leaders.

He also took a moment to visit the Red Square (see below).

This trip is Schwarzenegger's second international trade mission in two months. He faced criticism for traveling to China, Japan and South Korea in September as California struggled to advance a budget that would address its $19 billion shortfall. The state legislature has since agreed on the measure, which Schwarzenegger signed into law on Oct. 8.