A State Department spokesman reflected Washington's anxiety about the impending release of some three million classified documents by WikiLeaks, a document dump expected to include sensitive diplomatic cables that could harm foreign relations.

P.J. Crowley tweeted Friday night:

Across the State Department, senior officials are reaching out to countries and warning them about a possible release of documents.


Along with:

reached out to leaders in Germany, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Britain, France and Afghanistan regarding WikiLeaks.

Crowley warned in Wednesday's press briefing that the release, touted by WikiLeaks as seven times the size of October's Iraq war documents dump, would "put national interests at risk" and cause tension with worldwide partners. The spokesman said that the State Department has talked "with members of the Hill to let them know what we are prepared for."

"Among the countries whose politicians feature in the reports are Russia, Afghanistan, and former Soviet republics in Central Asia. But other reports also detail potentially embarrassing allegations reported to Washington from US diplomats in other regions, including East Asia and Europe," Reuters reported Thursday.

The last tweet by WikiLeaks was:

Government of Iceland has been contacted by US officials over Embassy leaks according to MBL.