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Trump calls for revolution, blasts Electoral College

{mosads}The real estate mogul and host of reality show “The
Apprentice” has been an outspoken supporter of Mitt Romney. He used Twitter to
object vehemently to the Electoral College system that he predicted would give
the win to Obama and the popular vote to the GOP challenger.

Obama was declared the winner of the election on Tuesday
after multiple networks declared he won Ohio, thus weighting the electoral map
in his favor. Romney was still leading in the popular vote shortly after midnight.

Trump called the Electoral College “a disaster for a
democracy … a total sham and a travesty.”

But either Trump or his team was deleting his tweets as fast
as he sent them, including two that called for a “revolution.”

One read: “We should have a revolution in this country!”

Another said: “More votes equals a loss…revolution!”

Unlike Trump, other conservatives on Twitter were less riled by Romney’s

Erick Erickson, founder of the influential conservative Red
State blog, was critical of the Romney campaign on Twitter and counseled that
Obama’s reelection hardly means the end of the conservative movement.

Erickson actually indicated he was resigned to the outcome
before the major networks called the race for Obama, tweeting a “thanks” to
Team Obama before following up later with a “congratulations” and a promise.

But longtime Republican campaign strategist Karl Rove
disputed the Ohio call in the minutes after most major networks declared it a win for
Obama, warning it was too early. Fox News heard him out and even took viewers
on a trip backstage to the decision desk to question the math behind the
decision. The network ultimately decided to stand behind its decision to call
Ohio for Obama.

“I just wanted to raise the question, which I did,” Rove
defended himself a few minutes later, accepting the call.


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