A top labor union echoed Republicans in their question for President Obama ahead of his Twitter town hall on Wednesday afternoon.

"Where are the jobs?" the AFL-CIO asked Obama on its Twitter page, picking up on a refrain more typical of angry Republican lawmakers than labor groups.

Obama is set to take questions Wednesday afternoon over Twitter; a series of non-White House moderators will select questions for the president, culled using "#AskObama" as a hashtag.

Republicans have used the town hall as a political opportunity, asking some pointed or loaded questions of the president. But those sorts of jabs are less typical of organized labor, which is traditionally aligned more with Democrats.

That said, the AFL-CIO has shown some willingness to break with the Obama administration and push him on job creation (the union has consistently pushed for more stimulus). Still, the union's president, Richard Trumka, warned in May that the AFL-CIO could cut support for Democrats who haven't done enough to support its agenda.