“Absentees as of today: 435,067 requested, 107,779 of these ballots already cast #sayfie #jan31 #gop @FloridaGOP,” Hughes said from his Twitter account @GoMeteoric on Friday.

Only 122,000 voters cast ballots in the Iowa caucuses earlier this month.

The winner of the Jan. 31 Florida primary, in which only registered Republicans will be allowed to vote, will take all of the state’s delegates, as opposed to some other states that divide their delegates proportionately.

Mitt Romney looks to have a secure hold on Florida, as he leads his next closest GOP presidential rival by 22 percent in the Sunshine State, according to a survey released on Thursday from conservative polling outlet Rasmussen.

Romney took 41 percent, followed by Newt Gingrich at 19 percent, Rick Santorum at 15 percent, Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman at 9 percent each, and Rick Perry at 2 percent.

There is some speculation that Paul will forgo an expensive campaign in Florida because of Romney's lead and the winner-take-all nature of the contest.