Gingrich has used the site to highlight career accomplishments, including his degrees from Emory University and Tulane University, founding of the Center for Health Transformation, and time served in the House of Representatives. Major campaign endorsements, complementary YouTube clips and life events reveal themselves as viewers travel back through Gingrich's history.

The former House Speaker's profile stretches back to his birth in 1943, and includes such obscure entries as when he started high school and published his first book.

But it's the omission of some events — including Gingrich's previous marriages — that were raising eyebrows online. Gingrich's resignation from Congress is simply noted as "Ended work at the United States House of Representatives." Meanwhile, the birth of his children from prior marriages is mentioned without context.

"Hmmm. It seems to be missing some events. Help Newt remember, will you?" said a post on liberal TV host Rachel Maddow's blog asking readers to submit additions.

Gingrich has been among the leaders in the GOP race in using social media to aid his effort, arguing when reporters pointed out the fundraising disparity between his and Mitt Romney's campaigns that new technology would enable him to run a cheaper and more efficient outreach to voters.