BoehnerJohn Andrew Boehner Cruz hits back at Boehner for telling him to 'go f--- yourself' John Boehner tells Cruz to 'go f--- yourself' in unscripted audiobook asides: report Cancun fallout threatens to deal lasting damage to Cruz MORE and Rehberg began intentionally deleting tweets on Thursday, the day after the Sunlight Foundation announced it is now archiving members of Congress and President Obama's tweets at Politwoops.

"You know what else has been deleted?" Boehner tweeted Thursday. "Jobs in the Obama economy. Where are the jobs?" The tweet is now archived on the website along with the information that it was deleted 36 seconds after it was posted by Boehner's office.

Rehberg, who first began the deleting trend on Wednesday, has been tweeting pointed remarks about the Obama administration's healthcare reform legislation.

"Scary thought: Many of the same pols that messed up 140 characters on #politwoops also wrote and voted for the 2,300-page Obamacare law," he tweeted, deleting it after two minutes.

Boehner and Rehberg are both tagging their tweets #Politwoops, a clear tipoff that they are deliberately using the site to make a point.

“The great thing about social media – Facebook, Twitter – is that it not only increases government transparency but also access and accountability," Rehberg said in a statement. "It’s also a medium that encourages innovation and creativity. I mean, where else can you get a message out by erasing it? How cool is that?” 

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