White also met the Obama family dog, Bo, during her visit; reporters first caught sight of the 90-year-old actress Monday as she paused to pet him on the White House drive and pictures quickly popped up on Twitter. 

White's visit had not been on the official schedule, but a White House official told The Hill she paid a courtesy call and got a tour while in town. 

Obama taped a message earlier this year in honor of White's 90th birthday celebration that was played at a tribute in January. In the video, he teased her that he didn't believe she was really 90. 

"In fact, I don't believe it. That's why I'm writing to ask if you will be willing to produce a copy of your long-form birth certificate," Obama said in the video, before bopping along with the "Golden Girls" TV theme song.

Last month, White said she “very, very much favors” Obama in the presidential election.