Palin’s family launched to national fame very quickly in 2008, but Bristol’s introduction to the national stage because particularly rocky after news leaked early that she was pregnant and unmarried at 17, an apparent contradiction to Palin’s social conservativism.

Bristol Palin has since written a memoir about her experience and keeps a blog. She is also a spokeswoman for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. According to her mother, the new reality series will build on her daughter’s advocacy.

“Bristol's show is the antithesis of any glamorization of single parenthood,” Palin wrote. “Single motherhood is shown to be as difficult as it is — especially with the added challenges that come with having people irrationally dislike you. But I think people will also see that Bristol doesn't see herself as a ‘victim.’ She just deals with the challenges, learns from them, and moves on.”

Bristol, 21, and her son Tripp, 3, are the main stars of the show, but members of the Palin family, including Willow and mother Sarah, also appear in the preview trailer. Expect Sarah Palin to cast a long shadow over the show due to her media popularity.

Father Levi Johnston casts a shadow over the show as well, according to USA Today, playing a deadbeat dad who never visits his son. Johnston wrote a book about his relationship with the Palins last year. Johnson and Palin were briefly engaged.

Bristol Palin has also guest-starred on ABC Family’s “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and competed on reality dancing competition “Dancing with the Stars.” Members of the Palin family also appeared on 2010’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” a short-lived reality show that aired on TLC.