Romney is touring swing states by bus starting Saturday, and the DNC will follow him to Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Ohio in a bus that blasts him for "tax hikes for the middle class" and previous, much-maligned Romney quotes such as "corporations are people, my friend."

DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse called the bus "the Romney Economics: Middle Class Under the Bus" in a tweet.

The Republican and Democratic committees have taken the political war of words to new heights in August, with Congress out of town for recess and the national conventions less than a month away.

Last week, the Republican National Committee sent the DNC a pointed joke in the form of a birthday cake for President Obama. The DNC sent the cake back but seems to have delivered its own message on Thursday by parking its bus in front of the GOP building.

"This is just more Democrats literally standing in the way of small business as food trucks work hard to make a living," RNC press secretary Kirsten Kukowski told The Hill.

After Kukowski slammed the bus location with her own pointed jab, Woodhouse referred to the first lady's anti-obesity campaign "Let's Move!" in his response on Twitter.

Woodhouse also tweaked RNC communications director Sean Spicer, who is known for his love of the Tasty Kabob truck, tweeting that the DNC wouldn't mind hosting the truck in front of their building.

Spicer responded with the hashtag "#freetastykabob."


Photo provided by the DNC.

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