President Obama’s campaign on Saturday said they had received donations from more than 700,000 supporters during the week of the Democratic National Convention. 

The president’s campaign announced the haul in a tweet from Obama’s account.

In an email sent late Friday night to supporters the campaign had said they had a goal of “600,000 grassroots donations in one week – and we blew right through it.”


Deputy campaign manager Julianna Smoot said the campaign hoped to collect 33,000 more donations to reach their new goal of 700,000 by midnight.  

Obama’s campaign has intensified their fundraising efforts after being outraised by Romney and the Republican National Committee in recent months.

Reports this week said Romney had raised at least $100 million in August, which would be the third month in a row he has topped the $100 million mark.

Obama set fundraising records four years ago, when he banked $750 million in contributions, but this year his advisers fear that he will be outraised by Romney and the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Pro-Obama super-PACs have also fallen behind groups backing Romney and are also expected to be outspent In the two months ahead of election day.

A report this week said Chicago Mayor and former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel would focus his efforts on raising campaign donations from big-money donors, a move which highlights the campaign’s fundraising fears.

Polls showed Obama with a modest bounce after the Charlotte convention. A Gallup poll released Friday, a day after the convention concluded, showed Obama edging Romney 48 percent to 45, up from an earlier 47 to 46 percent lead.

But Obama's speech Thursday night was undercut after a disappointing jobs report Friday morning which showed the economy only added