According to Rangel's office, Morgan asked for the shot on Monday morning. The congressman was on his way to tape an appearance on MSNBC with host Thomas Roberts.

Long-running NBC sitcom “30 Rock," referring to the address 30 Rockefeller Center where the MSNBC and NBC News studios are also located, tapes in New York City. Rangel represents parts of Manhattan.

Morgan is known for courting controversy with his jokes, but usually stays bipartisan and bizarre when it comes to political humor.

In May, Morgan told Conan O’Brien he is conflicted on the presidential race.

“I might endorse [Mitt Romney],” he claimed, citing his understanding of Mormon beliefs. “But I might go with [President] Obama because he’s doing a great job with the economics. We need money, right, y’all?”

In August, he told David Letterman he “accidentally butt-dialed the White House and [Obama] heard everything me and Mitt Romney was talking about.”

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