Some of that chatter could be and likely is anti-Obama. Still, the phrase “I voted for Obama” is being used twice as often as “I voted for Romney” in tweets, according to analytics by Topsy.

FastCompany also compared tweets containing the phrases “hate Romney” and “hate Obama” and found references to Obama in that context were likewise higher.

According to Twitter, 6.4 million tweets had already been sent about Election Day by 2 p.m. on Tuesday, and the number is steadily rising each hour. The current record number of tweets sent during a single political event is 10.3 million, during the first presidential debate.

Twitter is counting an average of about 13,000 election-related tweets per minute. That’s a high number for sustained conversation, since some of the biggest spikes during last month’s presidential debates were as low as 17,000 tweets per minute, and Romney prompted a high of 14,289 tweets per minute during his acceptance speech at the GOP convention.

But Obama's speech to the Democratic National Convention reached up to 52,757 tweets per minute.

Twitter also reported that the phrase “I voted” is being used an average of 3,000 times per minute in tweets. The hashtag #ivoted is currently trending nationwide, as are other trends such as “Happy Election Day,” “#Election2012” and the Obama campaign’s promoted trend, #VoteObama.