The town hall didn’t attract only supporters, of course. Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) replied to one question asking how he sleeps at night that may have been asked less seriously than it was answered.

The town hall took place the same day that the White House and Democrats are using social media to pressure House Republicans to pass a partial extension of current tax rates. The RSC defended its opposition to the partial extension, tweeting that allowing tax rates to rise on families making more than $250,000 annually — as President Obama has proposed — would only “pay for eight days of government.”


"What then?" they tweeted.

During the town hall, the committee also revealed it's adding 31 freshman members during the next Congress, for a total of 167 members beginning in January. The RSC said it is dedicated to promoting a "conservative social and economic agenda" within the House Republican conference.

According to a spokesman for Jordan, about 10 members participated in the town hall. The committee considered it a success and hopes to hold similar events in the future.

The RSC provides a list of all current committee members on Twitter here.