Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) thinks his effort to halt a resolution authorizing the use of force in Syria could use the help of a wizard. 

Amash urged his followers to create a meme with "The Lord of the Rings” character, Gandalf, uttering his famous lines.  

His followers quickly obliged.

The libertarian Republican has been one of the most vocal critics of President Obama’s proposal to strike the Syrian regime after it concluded that President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons on rebel forces. 

Earlier in the day, Amash said that a vote in favor of the resolution would be devastating at the ballot box. 

And ABC News-Washington Post poll earlier this week found that nearly six in 10 people opposed a missile strike on Syria. Only 36 percent said they would support military action. 

In the House, the vast majority of lawmakers who have taken a public position on Syrian intervention have opposed the measure. According to The Hill’s count, 105 House members are opposed or are leaning against the measure, compared to 31 who are for it. 

In the Senate, 22 lawmakers have publicly expressed support, while 15 are likely to vote against it.