Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) took to Twitter on Tuesday to express his distaste to a Los Angeles Times blog post that knocked his spelling of "school" in a tweet about a town meeting.

Yesterday, Grassley, who is well-known for his informal spelling on Twitter, tweeted about his visit to "Blairsburg skool" for a "student town meetin." The Times responded that Grassley should "probably knot use Twitter."

Grassley shot back today:

Those of u who abhor the use of shorthand"skool" for"school" ought to try to Tweet a message in 140bytes. Pls complain to Twitter

The Times' Tony Pierce continued that "no one wants their representative looking like a twit while surfing through the interweb tubes."

"But while it's commendable for gray-haired senators to embrace new technologies to communicate with their constituents, some people are really doing more harm than good," he said.

Grassley also responded to a blog post The Hill in May that raised the possibility that he had a staffer tweeting for him."

"To the Hill reporter who thought I didn’t input my own AM Tweet today. Well believe me I did. My Bb is always w me," he fired-back on Twitter.