Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) said on Thursday that he is leading a congressional delegation to Honduras tomorrow ahead of their November 29 elections.

Voters in Honduras will go to the polls next month to select a president and parliament, but the United States has indicated that it will not recognize the results of the election without a resolution to the political crisis there.

DeMint tweeted:

Leading delegation to Honduras tomorrow to support Nov 29 elections. Hondurans should be able to choose their own future.

Honduras has experienced political turmoil since the army in June deposed President Manuel Zelaya in a bloodless coup. Zelaya had attempted to change the country's constitution in part to eliminate presidential term limits.

DeMint has been an outspoken critic of Zelaya since the constitutional crisis began. The conservative senator at times has criticized the government's response to the crisis, saying they should give a stronger rebuke to Zelaya.

Under the current constitution, both acting President Roberto Micheletti and Zelaya are ineligible for re-election.

More information about the visit is forthcoming from DeMint's office.

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