New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his "anti-gun cronies" should "stay the heck out of [Tennessee]," says Rep. Zach Wamp (R-Tenn.), who is running for governor of the Volunteer State.

Bloomberg's support of gun restrictions gained the national spotlight when the National Rifle Association aired a television ad in Virginia saying that a Big Apple "wise guy" suggests the state not elect pro-gun rights gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell (R).

Wamp took to his campaign Twitter feed on Thursday:

Bloomberg and his anti-gun cronies should stay the heck out of Tn. We'll defend our 2nd ammdt rights. Right to Carry ctzns keep streets safe

"Haven't seen the ad. Heard about it. But I'll leave Virginia politics to the Virginians and worry about the politics here," Bloomberg said on Wednesday in response to the ad.

A moderate Democratic Gov. Phil Breseden (Tenn.) is currently in office. Breseden, however, is term limited and cannot seek re-election in 2010.