A Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday said that Congress cannot solve the problem of football head injuries after a hearing on the topic held today.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) took to Twitter after the hearing, during which committee chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.) called for a review of all head injury data in the National Football League.

The congressman tweeted:

At a Judiciary Comm hearing w/ Tiki Barber & others on football head injuries. A serious prob but not one for which Cong has the solutions.

Goodlatte echoed the opinion of ranking member Lamar Smith (R-Texas) who said, "the NFL does not need Congress to referee this issue.""the NFL does not need Congress to referee this issue."

Goodlatte's mention of former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber is no coincidence. Barber played his college football at the University of Virginia.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL Players Association chief DeMaurice Smith both testified at the hearing.