Former Bush administration White House press secretary Dana Perino on Wednesday clarified a remark she made Tuesday night on Fox News, saying that no terrorist attacks took place during Bush's presidency.

Perino, who was recently nominated by President Barack Obama as a member of the bipartisan Broadcasting Board of Governors, took to her rarely used Twitter account to comment her words:

Last night on Hannity, I obviously meant no terror attack on U.S. post 9/11 during Bush 2nd term. We have the tools, just need to use them!

On Hannity's Tuesday program, Perino accused the Obama administration of playing politics by not labeling the Fort Hood shootings a terrorist attack.

About Bush's presidency, she said "we did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush's term. I hope they're not looking at this politically. I do think that we owe it to the American people to call it what it is."

The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks occurred almost nine months after Bush was inaugurated.