The New York state Senate's official Twitter feed has provided streaming updates all Wednesday as the chamber deliberates the legalization of gay marriage.

Debate is concluding as this post is published. Should the state Senate pass the bill and Gov. David Paterson (D) sign it into law, New York would become the sixth state in the union to allow gay marriage to be performed in-state.

Paterson has said he would sign the bill, which has already passed the state Assembly, once it reaches his desk.

Here are some of the tweets:

Sen Pres Smith: "The completion of a family is not just children, but the ability to have that bond." #NYMarriageDebate

Senator Duane: "The time is never right for civil rights...(but) it's always the right time to be on the right side of history."

Seantor Serrano: "Our nation dares to provide rights that others do not...I will be voting yes" #NYMarriageDebate

Web surfers could also watch the debate streaming live on the state Senate's website

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, and Vermont currently allow gay marriages to be performed in their states. New Hampshire will allow the practice beginning in 2010.

California used to allow gay marriage until voters approved Proposition 8 during the 2008 elections that banned the practice.

New York currently recognizes gay marriages from other states but does not allow them to be performed. 

UPDATED 3:00 p.m.

The measure failed to pass the state Senate:

Marriage Equality Act fails 24-38. #NYMarriageDebate