Republican Congressman Michael Burgess (R-Texas) on Thursday renewed his call for White House "safe schools" czar Kevin Jennings to resign his post.

In a tweet this morning, Burgess asked followers, "Do we really need this office?" He also shared a link to his one-minute speech on the House floor Wednesday, in which he called for Jennings' to step down immediately.

"Kevin Jennings needs to be replaced, he needs to be replaced today," Burgess stressed in that speech. "The so-called safe schools czar appointed by the Obama administration to the Department of Education is dangerous for our school children."

According to Burgess, the danger Jennings poses students is best summed up by a recent Washington Times editorial, published on Wednesday.

Wrote the newspaper's editorial team: "The Obama administration is stonewalling serious inquiries about sexual filth propagated by a senior presidential appointee who is responsible for promoting and implementing federal education policy."

The Times specifically charged Jennings gave sexual advice to minors -- an inappropriate decision, they added, that is "part of a consistent pattern by some homosexual activists to promote underage homosexuality."

"I don't know if I've ever seen an editorial in a major newspaper that came with a bolded warning, just like an FDA drug," Burgess later said, referencing the lengthy warning about explicit material that begins the Times' piece.

Nevertheless, Burgess is hardly the first Republican to demand Jennings' resignation: 53 House Republicans asked similarly of the "safe schools czar" in October, claiming Jennings was "pushing a pro-homosexual agenda."

Burgess, however, was not part of that initial effort.