An Illinois Republican lawmaker on Friday riffed on Tiger Woods's well-known auto accident in a Twitter post about his own mishap on the road.

Rep. Aaron Schock — who was involved in a "minor" car crash on Thursday — took aim at the celebrity gossip site TMZ for posting about the incident. TMZ also extensively covered Woods's crash:

Glad tmz is reporting on a car accident that doesn't involve fire hydrants or golf clubs and I'm glad no one was hurt

The circumstances surrounding Woods's crash led to revelations that he had cheated on his wife, Elin Nordegren, with multiple women. Nordegren has since left Woods.

TMZ reported of Schock:

Congressman Aaron Schock lost control of his car after sliding over an ice patch in Illinois yesterday — and banged into another vehicle on the streets of Peoria.

No one was injured in the accident, which Schock's rep described as "minor."

We're told both parties were able to work things out without the police — and Schock, who was in route to an official district event, still arrived to the function on time.

Amazingly, his abs arrived early.

It appears as if the fallout over Schock's accident only resulted in TMZ's publishing of this photo: