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California congressman extends DREAM Act tweet war through the weekend

Sen. Bernie Sanders captured the Web’s attention Friday with his filibuster against President Obama’s tax-cut deal with Republicans while Rep. Dana Rohrabacher staged his own weekend tweet-buster against the DREAM Act.

The California Republican continued his war of tweets into Sunday over the bill that provides a pathway to citizenship for children of illegal immigrants with certain military and schooling requirements, but he shifted his arguments toward another Twitter user.

Rohrabacher began debating a user named @alesolo who identified herself as being from Orange County — which falls in his district — after she retweeted video on Friday of a floor speech in which the lawmaker said, “Those voting for this so-called
DREAM Act are voting to relegate the position of non-minority American citizens
to behind those who are now in this country illegally.”

On Saturday evening, the debate had come to this tweet by Rohrabacher:

My kin arrived in 1709 before gov benefits & racist preferences.
Should your family’s educ/medical$ go to illegals? Are U selfish?

To which she responded:

@ so early immigrants did not take “benefits” in the form of resources and land from native Americans?

And the congressman replied:

Indians lost their country to foreigners. I’m not letting that happen
to us w/out a fight. Which side are you & your friends on?

Rohrabacher also responded to another handful of Twitter users:

.@ @ @ @ @ @ You know you’ve won when opponents call you names rather than address your argument

@alesolo chimed back this tweet:

@ nobody is trying to “take” this country. We are all welcome here and we will coexist. That’s the beauty of humanity.

But both she and the congressman moved on to new DREAM Act sparring partners, with Rohrabacher engaged in tweet warfare with a blogger in San Francisco, Denis Yurchikov, who fired several tweets including:

@ Your only argument seems to be that white people will be hurt by the legalization of students. That’s illogical.

The congressman fired back:

.@ Illegals bid down the wages of taxpaying Americans. Health care & ed then provided to illegals. Americans lose. DANA

@yurchie said:

.@ You might be betraying your country by not helping out your new generation of innovators and educators.

And Rohrabacher tweeted:

Do u believe people who are here illegally should have preference over
US citizens. Is this not a betrayal of our fellow citizens?

.@ Racially based preferences for-among other things- jobs, admission, loans, training programs are mandated by various laws.

And the blogger responded:

@ You’ve gone completely off-topic. This isn’t about racial preferences.

@ You’re all about white people huh?

As the weekend drew to a close, the congressman kept firing:

Americans=every race. All should have priority over illegals. Amnesty
triggers pref already in law. Pointing this out isn’t racist

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