Two men locked in a battle for a Senate seat this fall tweeted about a topic that affects their voters Thursday; the devastating Louisiana oil spill. 

The incident is believed to have killed 11 people and rescue workers are having trouble containing the damage. The disaster is sure to impact the debate over President Barack Obama's plan to expand offshore oil drilling and the forthcoming consideration of the climate change legislation.

Rep. Charlie Melancon (D-La.), who is challenging Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) has tweeted several messages about what he's doing around the state:

Keeping an eye on the oil slick growing in the Gulf. Concerned about impact on oyster/shrimp/fishing, jobs & environ in LA.

On way back to LA to help response to oil spill and make sure officials get all the resources they need.

If you have a boat in LA and want to help with oil response, BP says contact Vince Mitchell at #oilspill

Just stopped at Plaquemines Emgcy Ops Ctr. Now en route to Boothville to see what resources officials need to fight #oilspill

Meanwhile, Vitter tweeted one messages himself:

Helping BP get in touch w/ fisherman w/ boats to help clean up oil spill.If you have a boat & able to help click #LAsen