Unions to run ads after Gov. Daniels’s State of the Union response

A union-backed group will run a television ad critical of Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) Tuesday after he responds to President Obama’s State of the Union address.

The group, A Working Person Like You, is funded by unions and opposes a proposed right-to-work law in Indiana that is riling labor groups in the state. Daniels backs the proposed law.


The television ad shows a clip of a speech Daniels gave to a local Teamsters union in 2006. In the speech, Daniels said he was not interested in changing labor laws in Indiana.

“I'm a supporter of the labor laws we have in the state of Indiana. I'm not interested in changing any of them. Not the prevailing-wage law, and certainly not a right-to-work law,” Daniels said in the speech.

The ad goes on to say, “Call Gov. Daniels. Ask him why he no longer supports working people.”

The ad buy is about $35,000 and will run just Tuesday night on broadcast networks in Indiana and nationally on CNN and MSNBC, according to Eddie Vale, a spokesman for A Working Person Like You.

The Indiana state Senate passed the proposal Monday night, according to press reports. Meanwhile, Democratic lawmakers in the Indiana General Assembly have seen efforts to change the bill blocked by their Republican counterparts, which might lead to Democrats boycotting future votes on the measure.