State legislators filed at least 700 ObamaCare bills last year

Lawmakers in favor of ObamaCare may be gaining the upper hand – at least in the states.

Two-thirds of the 75 ObamaCare-related bills passed by state legislatures last year were aimed at moving the law forward, according to an analysis by the Center for Public Integrity.

State lawmakers put forward about 200 bills attacking the federal healthcare law, though the vast majority didn’t pass. Twenty five of those bills sought to a full repeal of the law – an effort that remains at the top of the GOP’s national platform.


Nationwide, state legislatures were flooded by more than 700 ObamaCare bills last year alone. Five states – including California, Illinois and New York, saw 50 or more bills filed.

Eighty-five bills were related to ObamaCare marketplaces, 55 bills would have tightened oversight of government-deployed “navigators” and 26 would have given states greater autonomy to make its own healthcare decisions, the review found.

At least a dozen states saw anti-ObamaCare bills that had been modeled after the controversial conservative policy group, American Legislature Executive Council (ALEC). 

A majority of bills filed by Democrats would have expanded Medicaid eligibility – a key part of ObamaCare that has been left up to states - though most of the legislation did not advance.

Republicans could still regain their foothold over ObamaCare after a 2014 election season that gave the party control of 70 percent of state legislatures.