AFL-CIO’s super-PAC shifts focus to getting out the vote in Wis.

The AFL-CIO’s super-PAC is shifting gears Monday to encourage voters to head to the polls for the recall against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R).

Up until this point, Workers’ Voice has been running online ads directing people to sign up to volunteer for the campaign against Walker. Now the super-PAC for the nation’s largest labor federation is moving into advertising for its get-out-the-vote effort.


“Scott Walker’s extreme agenda is wrong for Wisconsin,” reads one online ad by the group. “Find your polling place.”

The ads are designed to remind people to vote in the recall election this Tuesday and will allow them to click through and find their nearby polling place. Workers’ Voice is targeting individuals who have signed recall petitions as well as Democrats who are less likely to turn out to vote, according to results from the super-PAC’s field program.

A Workers’ Voice spokesman estimated the online ad buy would end up somewhere between $50,000 and $60,000.

Forcing Walker from office has become a huge priority for labor. Walker squared off with unions last year after pushing through legislation that limited public workers’ collective bargaining rights.

Walker is only the third governor to face a recall election in American history. He has led slightly in several polls against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D), but the governor’s opponents hope a massive voter-turnout operation will be enough to secure victory on Tuesday.