Former Mexican ambassador to head up new firm for Podesta Group

Podesta Group, one of K Street’s top-earning firms, has launched a new firm led by Mexico’s former ambassador to the United States.


Arturo Sarukhán will be chairman of Global Solutions, which the lobby shop calls a global strategies and risk management company.

“The world, its political dynamics and its markets are changing at a rapid pace. Arturo has the right set of relationships, experience, tools and vision for those around the globe who want and need to rethink how best to engage the United States and its allies,” said Tony Podesta, chairman of Podesta Group, in a statement.
“Led by Arturo, Global Solutions is primed to become the go-to firm for smart, original, informed strategies for entering new markets, gauging political risks and opportunities, and effectively communicating to global audiences. Our plan is to reside at the intersection of trade, economics, politics and diplomacy, and to do so by utilizing the latest technologies and strategies available.”

The firm noted that Sarukhán was the first ambassador based in Washington to have his own Twitter account. In addition, Sarukhán has built relationships with officials in both the Obama and Bush administrations, as well as lawmakers on Capitol Hill during trade talks over NAFTA and, more recently, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Sarukhán “can ensure clients have a seat at the table and that they reach the people who matter,” according to the firm.

Sarukhán also was a foreign policy adviser to former Mexican President Felipe Calderón’s presidential campaign and helped coordinate Calderón’s foreign policy transition team.