GOP senator moonlights as Uber driver

Sen. Ben Sasse found a new way to serve his constituents over the weekend: picking them up as an Uber driver.

{mosads}“I like to work alongside and for Nebraskans,” the Republican told a Twitter user, emphasizing that the money he earns goes to charity.

Sasse was moonlighting as an Uber driver as part of a work tour to better understand the evolving job market in the new knowledge-economy.  During past work tours, Sasse has changed tires and fed livestock.

“Senator Sasse does tons of Nebraska work events — from changing tires on semi-trucks to feeding cattle at 5am,” a spokesman said. “This work tour was built around the changing and disintermediated economy, a subject he talks about frequently. The Senator doesn’t receive a dollar for these work opportunities and doesn’t want to.”

Sasse, who already has a five-star rating with Uber, took to Twitter to share tips about his experience with the ride-hailing firm.

“Pro-Tip: If you throw up in an Uber, the surcharge can be substantial,” he said. “Upside: It’s a market incentive to get drivers to agree to work.”


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