Issa tops The Hill's 50 Wealthiest: Page 2 of 51


Congress's toughest watchdog is also its richest member.

Issa wiped some significant debts from his books last year, helping him climb to the very top of The Hill's 50 Wealthiest.

The California Republican no longer lists $75 million worth of personal notes among his liabilities. In addition, a personal loan from Union Bank went from at least $50 million in value in 2011 down to $25 million.

The bulk of Issa's wealth is kept in huge investment funds, several of which are worth $50 million each. In addition, the congressman has a number of properties valued either at least $1 million or $5 million.

Issa was a successful CEO before coming to Congress. In 1982, the lawmaker helped found Directed Electronics, which is responsible for the popular anti-car theft Viper system.

— Kevin Bogardus