Germany singles out Russia, China and Iran for cyber spying

Germany singles out Russia, China and Iran for cyber spying
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Germany's domestic intelligence agency singled out Russia, China and Iran as key cyber espionage adversaries in its annual report released Tuesday.

The intelligence agency said in a public summary of its report that it logged "many attacks originating in Russia and China although there are also other countries whose intelligence services have the necessary resources and capabilities to carry out cyber attacks. For example, cyber attacks can now also be attributed to presumed government agencies in Iran."

"Main targets include the Federal Foreign Office and its diplomatic missions abroad, the Federal Ministry of Finance, and the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. Attackers also focus on the Federal Chancellery and Bundeswehr offices," the report said, referring to German federal agencies and the nation's armed forces.


All three nations singled out in the report have been linked to cyber espionage in the United States. China is most famously believed to be behind the Office of Personnel Management hack in 2015, Russia is believed to have conducted a cyber campaign aimed at influencing the 2016 presidential election and Iran is believed to have spearheaded attacks on U.S. banks in 2012.

Russia, the report released Tuesday alleges, has also been engaged in propaganda efforts in Germany since 2014, using many of the techniques they are believed to have used against the U.S. last year. Those include disinformation campaigns over social media networks and state-run media. 

Many experts believe Germany's September elections are a likely target for a pronounced Russian interference campaign.