Drudge: Trump facing first serious crisis with Hurricane Harvey

Drudge: Trump facing first serious crisis with Hurricane Harvey
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Matt Drudge wants to know if Trump is "ready" for "the first serious crises (sic)" of his presidency, tweeting Thursday that Hurricane Harvey is "about to get real" for the Gulf Coast.

"Trump facing first serious crises with Hurricane Harvey," wrote Drudge to his more than 527,000 followers. He went on to detail the threat posed by the hurricane headed toward the coasts of Texas and Louisiana. 

"130 mph winds Texas coast, 25-inches of rain Houston. It's about to get real," he continued in two tweets. "[Texas] coast big winds. Slow moving landfall, biblical rains to urban Houston. Giant test for Trump admin and new govt efficiency. Is he ready?"


Harvey may mark the first Category 3 hurricane to make landfall in 12 years. It is currently a tropical storm in the western Gulf of Mexico but is likely to intensify before making landfall.

The Weather Channel reported Thursday that the storm "is strengthening rapidly, and is poised to bring a combination of prolific rainfall, dangerous storm-surge flooding and destructive winds to areas near the Texas Gulf Coast beginning Friday, before taking a strange, meandering path next week."

Drudge, a staunch supporter of the president who has reportedly visited the White House on several occasions since Trump took office, has been relatively more active on Twitter since his candidate of choice took power. He is the founder of the powerful conservative aggregation site Drudge Report.

The 51-year-old Drudge always deletes his tweets a few hours after posting them. While Drudge has nearly 500,000 of followers on Twitter, he doesn't follow anyone on the site.