De Blasio hits Trump on Puerto Rico: 'Get back to work'

De Blasio hits Trump on Puerto Rico: 'Get back to work'
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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) is ripping President Trump after the president touted his administration's relief efforts on Puerto Rico.

“88% of the island is without power more than two weeks after the storm hit,” de Blasio wrote on Twitter Sunday night. “Stop congratulating yourself and get back to work.”


Trump claimed on Sunday that “nobody could have done” what he did in Puerto Rico “with so little appreciation.” He also tweeted a video blaming the “fake news media” for under-covering his accomplishments.

The president has been especially critical of media coverage of his Puerto Rico response, and has also implied that the citizens and leaders of Puerto Rico are not appreciative enough of his help.

The mayor has been a harsh critic of the president, particularly on issues related to climate change and the environment. Earlier Sunday, de Blasio tweeted that Trump’s response to Puerto Rico was “weak.”