Kaspersky inks threat intel sharing agreement with Interpol

Kaspersky inks threat intel sharing agreement with Interpol
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Kaspersky Lab, a cybersecurity firm facing intense scrutiny in the United States, announced a new threat-sharing agreement with Interpol on Thursday.

“INTERPOL’s new agreement with Kaspersky Lab is an additional step in our continued efforts to ensure law enforcement worldwide has access to the information they need to combat cyberthreats,” said Noboru Nakatani, executive director of the Interpol's Global Complex for Innovation.

“We have seen how cooperation with the private sector is essential in effectively tackling this global phenomenon which continues to grow in scale and complexity.”


A recent spate of news stories has suggested Russian intelligence leveraged Kaspersky Lab antivirus software's ability to scan files to search for documents and source code related to United States intelligence operations.

This included a New York Times report that Israeli intelligence officials hacked into Kaspersky Lab's systems, where they witnessed Russian agents acting against the U.S. in real time.

Those reports follow the Department of Homeland Security barring federal agencies from using Kaspersky products this September. 

At a conference earlier this weak, Nakatani said Interpol had received no intelligence from the United States to suggest that Kaspersky was a threat.