National ad targets Republicans on 'sneaky repeal' of ObamaCare in tax plan

A new national ad is slamming Republicans for including a "sneaky repeal" of ObamaCare in tax-reform legislation. 

In the ad, pro-ObamaCare group Save My Care urges voters to call their members and ask them to vote "no" on tax reform. 

"President Trump and Republicans in Congress are ignoring bipartisan opposition and trying to sneak health-care repeal into their tax plan," says the ad's narrator. 


"Why? To pay for more tax breaks for billionaires and corporations." 

The Senate GOP's tax bill, which passed the Finance Committee on Thursday evening, includes a repeal of ObamaCare's individual insurance mandate. 

Repealing the mandate would free up more than $300 billion in government funding to pay for tax cuts. 

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated that repealing the mandate would lead to 13 million fewer people having insurance by 2027.

The CBO also found premiums on the marketplace would go up 10 percent if the mandate were repealed, but the insurance markets would be stable in almost all areas of the country. 

The mandate requires every American to have health insurance or pay a penalty and has been one of the most unpopular provisions of ObamaCare. 

President Trump pushed for the repeal to be included in tax reform following the GOP's failure to repeal the health-care law earlier this year. 

While the Senate bill does include the repeal, the tax reform legislation passed by the House on Thursday does not.