Florida auto shop where immigrant girl hid after escaping detention facility receives death threats

Florida auto shop where immigrant girl hid after escaping detention facility receives death threats
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The Florida auto shop where an immigrant girl hid after she escaped a detention facility has received hundreds of death threats in the days since she was taken back into custody, according to The Miami Herald.

The newspaper reported that several death threats came in from angry callers as one of its reporters interviewed employees at the shop on Monday. 


“I’m going to bomb your building. I’ll find your family and I hope you die,” one caller yelled, the newspaper reported. 

“So this is the address of the cowardly boot-licking f--- who called the cops on an immigrant girl who escaped from a concentration camp,” an anonymous person wrote on Facebook. 

The auto shop's owner, Frank Gonzalez, has said death threats have also been aimed at his relatives. 

The death threats poured in after it was reported last Friday that a 15-year-old Honduran immigrant who was being held at the Homestead Temporary Shelter for Unaccompanied Children briefly escaped from the facility and hid at the Gonzalez Auto Center in Homestead. 

The girl, who has not been identified, ran away during a trip to an eye doctor, according to The Washington Post.

Gonzalez said the girl hid in a corner and refused to leave. He added that she "seemed pretty scared." 

Gonzalez said he proceeded to call his sister and an immigration advocate, who said her local nonprofit could help the girl get a lawyer. Gonzalez then said police began driving by the shop and that he flagged an officer down and showed police where the girl was hiding. 

“She told the police officers to please don’t touch her,” Gonzalez said, according to the Herald. “The police officer talked to her in Spanish and treated her like a human being, like his daughter. He told her, ‘Mama, you have to go back’ and then put handcuffs on her like a regular human being, not like a criminal.”

Police said she returned to the detention facility without incident.

The Herald reported on Monday that police reports show an anonymous individual near the shop told officers that the person they were looking for might be inside. 

Gonzalez flagging down police is the reason why he's faced such hostility, according to the paper. But he noted that he did not call the police and that officers were already searching the area. 

In addition, Homestead Police Detective Fernando Morales told the Herald that "if someone knew about the girl’s whereabouts, and didn’t tell law enforcement, or lied to law enforcement, that person is subject to arrest and could be charged with obstruction of child custody.” 

Gonzalez, who supports President TrumpDonald John TrumpAverage tax refunds down double-digits, IRS data shows White House warns Maduro as Venezuela orders partial closure of border with Colombia Trump administration directs 1,000 more troops to Mexican border MORE, told the Post last week that he did not support the Trump administration's past "zero tolerance" immigration policy that separated families caught crossing the border illegally.