Former Bush aides help form new political intel firm

Two former Bush administration officials have joined with a well-known Washington financial analyst to form a political intelligence and market analysis firm focused on energy policy.

Chase Hutto, who advised Vice President Dick Cheney on energy policy; Kevin Kolevar, former assistant Energy secretary for electricity delivery and energy reliability; and Kevin Book, a former analyst at FBR Capital Markets, will open ClearView Energy Partners LLC next week.

The firm will not do any lobbying. Instead, it will help clients choose investment opportunities based on policies embraced by Congress and the administration.

Book, a frequent witness before energy committees on Capitol Hill, said the firm is targeting not only Wall Street investors but also companies that are involved in the energy sector.

“We’re targeting people who have big bets on energy,” Book said.

He said Washington’s importance to the business community has grown as it takes a larger role in the economy through the massive stimulus bill and efforts to rescue the financial services and automobile sectors.

“Now D.C. is seen as a way to be successful,” Book said.