12 passengers on two American Airlines flights report flu-like symptoms

12 passengers on two American Airlines flights report flu-like symptoms
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Hundreds of passengers and crew members from two American Airlines flights were held for medical review at Philadelphia International Airport on Thursday after a dozen passengers reported flu-like symptoms, according to an airport spokeswoman. 

The two American Airlines flights from Paris and Germany arrived at the Philadelphia airport this afternoon with ill passengers on board, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed in a statement to The Hill. The 12 passengers reported sore throats and coughs, but after medical inspection, none were found to have fevers, according to CDC. 


A total of 250 people were held at the airport for review after deplaning from their flights, Philadelphia International Airport spokeswoman Diane Gerace said. 

"No one was quarantined on the aircraft and the aircrafts themselves are not quarantined," an American Airlines spokeswoman said, adding that the passengers did not report their medical issues during the flight.

"What sometimes happens is people tell the flight crew while they’re in-flight if they’re really not feeling ill and we’ll call ahead and have medical personnel meet the flight," the spokeswoman said. "That did not happen this time." 

All passengers, except the 12 affected, were released on Thursday evening, according to the CDC. 

The illnesses come one day after about 100 passengers fell ill on a flight from Dubai on Wednesday. The passengers' jet was quarantined at John F. Kennedy airport in New York City.