Cleaning products group wants to find 'Messiest Desk in Congress'

The Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) is on the hunt for the "Messiest Desk in Congress."

The inaugural messiest desk contest launched on Thursday and will run for two weeks, with photos requested from members and staffers who think they have a champion of disorder on their hands. HCPA will then ask for votes on which desk is the messiest.


“Some say that a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind,” HCPA president and CEO Steve Caldeira said in a statement. “There must be a lot of creativity on Capitol Hill given the state of some of the desks up there. It will be fun to find the messiest among them.”

Caldeira added that participants can nominate multiple desks and requested that people remember to vote.

Staffers and members can post photographs to HCPA’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram page with the hashtag, #MessiestDeskinCongress and where the desk resides.

HCPA lobbies on behalf of cleaning brands, including detergents, air fresheners and pest control.