McDonald's sends franchisees 59-page instruction manual for reopening dining areas

McDonald's sends franchisees 59-page instruction manual for reopening dining areas
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McDonald’s sent its over 13,000 U.S. franchises a 59-page instruction manual for reopening their stores's dining areas, according to CNN.

The manual outlines the minimum sanitation and social distancing requirements each store must meet before opening their dining rooms.

The guidance comes as some states have taken the first steps to rolling back social distancing guidelines. 


Franchisees operate 90 percent of McDonald’s stores and are responsible for the additional supplies needed to comply with the manual. 

Among other rules, stores must clean and sanitize tables and kiosks after each use and clean restrooms every 30 minutes. Some states have required restaurants opening with dine-in services to uphold those same standards.

The guidance also restricts the self-serve beverage bars typical of the fast food chain. 

"Brand perception is another concern," the guide notes, "and how this would/could play out in the minds of the customers given heightened perceptions around hygiene and safety as they see other customers not take precautions."

McDonald's guidance comes the same day the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) posted updated reopening guidelines for schools, workplaces and other venues, such as restaurants. 

The CDC restaurant guidance calls for spacing out tables and stools, limiting occupancy and encouraging options like drive-thru or curbside pickup.  


The McDonald's guidelines also come with instructions on how to communicate the new guidelines to customers. 

"We are all in this together and this team has come together in so many amazing ways over the last few months," the scripted guide instructs employees relay to customers who ask why they are opening dining areas at all. 

As a way to keep a 6-foot distance from customers, employees are encouraged to use "thumbs up" hand signal to check on tables.