Law firm spins off healthcare lobbying operation

The law firm McDermott Will & Emery is spinning off some of its lobbying services into a new shop called McDermottPlus.

The firm’s subsidiary will provide consulting services to the healthcare industry, including lobbying, “data analytics and modeling and policy advice,” the firm said Wednesday.

“McDermottPlus is an important part of our strategy to deliver better client service and differentiate ourselves in today’s tightening, fiercely competitive marketplace,” said Jeffrey E. Stone, co-chair of McDermott Will & Emery, in a statement.  “At the same time, it represents a powerful opportunity for us to capitalize on a key area of our strength and to do so in a more complete way than ever before.”

The law firm banked almost $5.7 million in lobbying revenue last year, according to federal disclosure data, signing clients such as the Diabetes Access to Care Coalition, Amgen, Trinity Health, the Mayo Clinic and The Coalition for 21st Century Medicine, among others. Several of its clients filed termination paperwork at the end of last year, according to lobbying records.

Those revenue figures — which are in line with successful boutique firms — gives McDermott+Consulting a solid foundation for the new venture. It already has “pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturers; hospitals, health systems and other health service providers; and diagnostic developers, including clinical laboratories and in vitro diagnostic manufacturers” as clients.

The new firm will specialize in healthcare advocacy, while McDermott Will & Emery will maintain lobbying activity for non-healthcare clients, according to a spokesman.

“With these services available under one roof through an integrated team, clients can pursue business objectives more efficiently and with a more effective result,” Eric Zimmerman, a principal of McDermott+Consulting, said in a statement.


Andrea Bergman will service as a vice president of the lobby shop, John Warren will serve as a senior director, Deborah Godes will be a director, Christine Song will serve as senior manager and Ashley Spivey will be a manager.

“As health care companies face increasing fiscal pressures, they need robust quantitative analyses to help guide business decision making,” Paul Radensky, a principal of McDermott+Consulting, said in a release.

“In addition, health care organizations innovating at a very fast pace need guidance on how their technological advances can be positioned best to navigate through, and thrive in, complex government regulatory and rate-setting environments. McDermottPlus can perform these important functions.”


— This post was edited at 3:37 p.m.