GM looking to build second battery factory in US

GM looking to build second battery factory in US
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General Motors is reportedly looking into opening its second U.S. battery factory in a partnership with South Korean chemical company LG Chem in an effort to expand its electric vehicle production.

A spokesperson for GM told The Wall Street Journal that the automobile company was looking into building a second battery factory and that a decision could be made within the first half of this year. The Journal reports that GM and LG are leaning closer to choosing Tennessee as the location for its factory, though a final decision has yet to be made.

A $2.3 billion battery factory by the two companies is already underway in Ohio, the Journal notes, and a second factory will likely be of similar investment and scope.


GM announced a breakthrough in battery technology last year that it said would help electric vehicles rival diesel-fueled vehicles within the next five years. GM Executive Vice President Doug Parks claimed that the new battery could hold twice as much power as current electric GM vehicles.

In January, GM, the largest U.S. automaker in terms of sales, announced its plans to sell exclusively electric vehicles by 2035. It also plans to source 100 percent of its energy for its U.S. operations from renewable sources, expanding that goal globally by 2035.

Multiple states such as California and Massachusetts have announced plans to end the sale of new gas-powered vehicles in the next few decades. Washington state may also soon follow after a bill was introduced in the state legislature that would end the sale of diesel-fueled cars by 2030.