Amazon launching pay-by-palm technology at Whole Foods

Amazon launching pay-by-palm technology at Whole Foods
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Amazon is set to launch pay-by-palm technology at a Whole Foods grocery store near its headquarters in Seattle on Wednesday, allowing customers to make purchases without ever pulling out their payment method.

With the technology, shoppers are able to upload a scan of the palm of their hands and connect it to a credit card or their Amazon account. They are then able to scan their hands and check out in place of providing physical payment, The Associated Press reported.

Amazon first launched its Amazon One technology, which allows for pay-by-palm purchases, last year. At the time, the technology was only used in some of its cashier-less stores, the AP noted.


Amazon says that the technology could be applied at office buildings, stadiums and other retailers.

Experts have raised concerns surrounding the privacy of technology that uses face or palm scans, noting that there is a risk of the data being hacked and stolen. Amazon pushed back on those concerns, saying that images of palms are securely stored on its cloud and users have the ability to ask that their information be deleted at any time.

Seven more Whole Foods locations within the Seattle area are set to have the technology installed in the months to come. Amazon did not specify when other Whole Foods stores across the country can expect to adopt pay-by-palm, the AP reported.