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Dunkin' opens first 'digital only' shop

Dunkin' in August opened its first "digital-only" shop in Boston.

"The digital-only location offers Dunkin's full menu of quality products fans know and love, and the traditional order counter is replaced with two in-store digital kiosks where guests will be able to place a customized order and pay for it using cash, credit card, or a DD gift card," Dunkin' said about the shop, CBS Boston reported.

Customers will not have to interact with employees to order their drinks or food and will have all the options the full menu would have at any other location.

The lack of contact with employees will "create an efficient, more convenient, and frictionless experience."

The new store also lacks a dining room so customers will either order online or at the kiosks, pick up their items at the pickup station and leave. 

Although the store opened in August, the grand opening was Tuesday and the company used the grand opening to donate $1,000 to local nonprofit Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

The Hill has reached out to Dunkin' for comment.