Apple employee says she was fired for speaking out about workplace conditions

Apple employee says she was fired for speaking out about workplace conditions
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A former Apple employee said the company fired her after she advocated for better conditions in the workplace.

Janneke Parrish, who was fired from her role as a product manager on Apple Maps on Thursday, told The Washington Post that she believes her firing was connected to her involvement in #AppleToo, a movement created to improve working conditions within the company.

Parrish's firing came just hours after she was quoted in a Washington Post article voicing support for her co-worker Cher Scarlett, who is a founder of #AppleToo.


Under the movement, more than 500 Apple employees have shared anonymous testimonials detailing their experiences with "racism, sexism, discrimination, retaliation, bullying, sexual and other forms of harassment" at the company and have accused Apple of operating as "an opaque, intimidating fortress," the Post reported.

According to Parrish, prior to her firing, Apple informed her that she was under internal investigation by the company's global security division and that she was suspected of leaking details about Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Sept. 18 virtual town hall meeting, during which he addressed workplace misconduct allegations. She reportedly denied leaking information.

Tech workers have increasingly challenged their employers in recent years as reports of discrimination continue to make headlines.

Last month, Amazon settled with two employees who had been let go after they criticized warehouse conditions during the pandemic and the company's policies regarding climate.

“We support every employee’s right to criticize their employer’s working conditions, but that does not come with blanket immunity against our internal policies, all of which are lawful,” an Amazon spokesperson said regarding the incident in April.