Under Contract

• The National Academy of Science is partnering with the Pentagon to research homeland security measures and will help “establish a standing committee to assist [Defense Department] efforts to decrease the risk of and counter biological threats.” The Defense Department signed a $420,829 contract with the research nonprofit to work on the study.  

Airtec, a Maryland-based company, will be assisting a Defense Department effort to curtail the flow of illegal drugs. It won a contract of nearly $11 million to do so. Although the deal was issued through the General Services Administration, the company will be lending “professional services and airlift support” in Kabul, Afghanistan, in connection to the Pentagon’s Counter Narco-Terrorism Program Office activities. The office and its actions are obscure and contract documents don’t give much detail about what the company will be doing. 


• The Department of Agriculture is partnering with Trivue Entertainment, the producers of “Spotlight On” educational shorts that appear on PBS, for a 5-minute TV spot to promote the USDA’s Biosecurity for Birds program. The initiative began in 2004, following one of the largest animal disease outbreaks in 30 years. It emphasizes keeping poultry and pet birds, and their cages, clean in order to prevent exotic Newcastle disease and the avian flu. The $30,000 contract for the PBS spot includes Nielsen tracking for the first 3 months and at least 500 national airings, documents say.

• The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is bringing on a consulting firm based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finit Consulting, to help the agency implement a program to reform the troubled fiscal sector in the country. USAID ultimately hopes to improve “fiscal and public expenditure management” by strengthening coordination between government officials, increasing compliance and simplifying the “business environment and fiscal regulatory framework,” according to the contract, which is worth almost $5 million. The project will last five years. 

• The National Institute on Drug Abuse signed a contract worth more than $3.3 million with the University of Michigan to assemble an archive of “social science addiction and HIV focused data.” Contractors at the university will be responsible for obtaining data themselves or working with “original investigators megadata” to create the database. 

Contract information compiled from General Services Administration data and government press releases. Send announcements about government contracts to mwilson@thehill.com.