Under Contract

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has continued to issue contracts in the wake of the devastating set of hurricanes that hit the southern coast of the United States and Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Many of the contractors are Puerto Rico-based companies.
Arrowhead Realty Corp. won a contract worth up to $2.3 million for 150 furnished apartments —with a minimum of 350 square feet of space — for dialysis patients who have been evacuated to Atlanta from the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Most of the people who have been evacuated from the islands ended up in Georgia, the contract documents say. The contract will last for 30 days, with the option to extend up to 120 additional days.
FEMA also purchased more than $212,000 worth of food to be provided in nursing homes for Hurricane Maria survivors — including white bread, nutritional drinks like Ensure or Boost, canned sausages, canned turkey, canned chicken, cereal and milk. Caribbean Produce Exchange won a $97,594 contract and TraFon Group won a $114,723 contract. Caribbean Produce Exchange won a separate $2.9 million contract to provide “restaurant-size containers of specific foods — delivered to FEMA warehouse in San Juan,” Puerto Rico. 
Wholesale Electric Caribe won a $9,216 contract with FEMA to provide 300 car power inverters to provide emergency electricity and power.
Bestway Transport Inc. won a $460,000 contract to deliver thousands of gallons of potable water to people still in Puerto Rico. Contract documents say that deliveries are being made to “35 locations” every day, with a focus on hospitals and dialysis centers, municipalities and the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority. The average amount dispensed per day is 5,000 gallons, FEMA says.
FEMA awarded a $106,605 contract to True Excellence Group for 40-foot refrigerated vans for “hospital cold storage … of critical pharmaceuticals,” contract documents say. 
FEMA bought $16,750 worth of water testing supplies from Utech Products.
Pistol Point LLC in Texas won a $37 million contract to provide “subsistence items” to a Houston food bank. No other details are available.
Following the destructive wild fires in California, FEMA spent $21,500 to purchase one recreational vehicle directly off the lot of a California RV dealer “to be used as an example of what will be provided to disaster survivors.”