Under Contract

Under Contract
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The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) inked a nearly $15 million contract with Chemonics International for a “Tourism for All” initiative the agency is running for an Asian country. “The vision behind USAID’s investment in the tourism sector is to promote Timor-Leste’s competitiveness as an international tourism destination while preserving its unique environmental and cultural heritage,” contract documents say. “The aim is to facilitate private investment by working with government to establish incentives and obligations that are more private sector-friendly, promote steady and sustainable tourism growth, and safeguard the environment and social characteristics of local communities.”

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Indian Health Service awarded a contract worth up to $1.2 million to the University of Washington in Seattle to provide a fellowship for graduates with a medical license, among other qualifications. The fellows will work at the Pine Ridge Indian Health Service center in Pine Ridge, S.D. “There is a nationwide shortage of medical providers in certain specialties, which is amplified by the remote and rural areas served by the Indian Health Service (IHS),” a contract solicitation says. “The Intent of this Non-Personal Services Contract is to acquire a Hospitalist through a Fellowship Program from a University or Medical School Program to provide Inpatient and Outpatient healthcare services. A Fellowship is a formal, full-time training program that focuses on a particular area within the specialty, with requirements beyond the related residency.”

Charter Coach won a contract worth more than $333,500 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide “shuttle and bus service to Hurricane Maria staff” in Puerto Rico. The shuttles will carry “up to 1,500 personnel every day to and from the San Juan Convention Center to [the] Joint Field Office” and “to and from La Supreme berthing ship to [the] Joint Field Office ... with continuous routes throughout the day for stragglers.” Transportation is also required for “up to 25 personnel as required throughout Puerto Rico,” such as to and from the airport and the Joint Field Office or La Supreme berthing ship. 

The State Department gave a $248,000 contract to Ali Peru Inversiones to provide “passenger transportation services, vehicles with drivers and vehicles without drivers for the official VIP visit in Lima, Peru.”